Next-Generation 737 Boeing Converted Freighters

Boeing, Cargo Air Finalize Order for Next-Generation 737 Boeing Converted Freighters

Next-Generation 737 Boeing Converted Freighters

SOFIA, BULGARIA, July 13, 2016

Boeing and Cargo Air Ltd. announced today the finalization of an order for two 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters (BCF). The cargo airline operator is Boeing’s first European customer for the converted freighter program, which launched earlier this year.

Through its freighter conversion program, Boeing transitions passenger airplanes into freighters, extending the economic life of the airplane. The 737-800 is the first Next-Generation 737 that Boeing has offered for conversion.

While large freighters carry high-density cargo on long-range routes, the 737-800BCF will primarily be used to carry express cargo on short- and medium-range routes.

  • B737-800 BCF is much more reliable then B737F Classics
  • The CFM-56-7B engines are staying much longer time on wing and have better performance.
  • The aircraft will have 11 x AAA/AAC/AAY/PAG positions and one half position AKE/AEP/PEB/PEA
  • The aircraft will be certified for stage 4 according to ICAO Annex 16.
  • The aircraft have much modern avionics than B737 Classics.

Cargo Air has signed up with Boeing for two firm freighter conversions of B737-800BCF by 2021.