Boeing 737-400SF

Ten 88”x125” Pallet Positions. Accommodates AAA containers in P1-P10 and a AEP/AEH in P11

Up to 47,100 LB (21,364 KG) Main Deck Payload (depending on Model & Aircraft Weight Limits)

Reinforced Floor structure for highest average position weights in the industry

86″ x 140” Large Main Deck Cargo Door

Dual Vent Door System

High reliability, 28VDC, independent cargo door hydraulic system

Cabin windows replaced with lightweight aluminum window plugs

9g rigid cargo / smoke barrier with sliding door

Relocated DFDR for 84.5” + ceiling height throughout cargo compartment, including last position

Stretch Formed fuselage skins

Up to 4 Supernumerary Seats

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